Websites: what are they ?

After internet started getting more advanced, there needed to be a software that will show any content that would be readable. That is when web browsers were introduced. Web browser is a software that helps display the content that one would like to showcase. According to website, A web browser, or simply “browser,” is anapplication used to access and view websites. Common web browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Take for example that you will not be able to access any content on internet if you dont have web browsers on our computers, its even true for Mobile unless you have apps through which you can access the content. We will talk about Apps in a different chapter but lets first talk about websites and how they evolved.


When web browsers were introduced it was at the same time that languages like HTML (Hyper Text Markup language) was also introduced.HTML helped to give proper formatting to the content that could displayed on web browsers. All users had to start doing was to start downloading these web browsers and go to the website address URL. Web browsers gave a platform for people to start creating content and distributing it worldwide through internet. At the same time computers were getting more powerful and more cheaper to buy as well. It was getting more and more popular in the developing countries as well. All this that I am talking about was happening in mid to late nineties.



  • You can read more about the history of the development of HTML on the below site:


So what exactly websites are and how are they built. According to cambridge dictionary a website is a set of pages of information on the internet about a particular subject, published by a single person or organization. When initially web browsers were introduced there was only HTML being used to design a website. HTML is not a programming language but its a mark up language, its more like a translator for web browser which understands what content needs to where on the page, what images need to go where. It makes content more readable and presentable. Learning HTML is actually pretty easy and doesn’t take that very long. You can learn more about HTML on , which is were I first started learning HTML when I got into digital advertising.


Back in mid nineties when internet was picking up, a lot of young kids were learning HTML and designing websites for a lot of business and people. There were even stories that I heard that college kids were making thousands by offering to build websites to businesses. If you look back learning HTML was actually quiet easy but of course it had its challenges, but then back in mid ninetees when HTML was introduced, it wasnt very complicated. Also sites that were designed didnt look that great, tey were just basic sites with not much interaction available in them. Also the sytle wasnt that great. tBut HTML was just not enough as the popularity of internet started growing and there was need of a much better styling language to make the websites more presentable, that is when CSS was introduced, CSS stands for cascading Style sheet. With the help of CSS and HTML the websites could be made more presentable and look more professional. While there were more ways being introduced to make the sites more presentable, the web browsers were also getting better with more functionalities being introduced.


Initially most of the websites that were getting developed were all static websites, static means where the user couldnt interact with the website. But as at the same time when web browsers were getting developed, they started supporting more other languages like Javascript. Javascript is a scripting language in short it helps you make the page interactive as well as make it more complex than just a presentable website.  It was in early 1996 that Javascript was introduced to the world with the introduction of Netscape 2 (web browser) which allowed web programmers to make forms and interact with the users. So the basic form of website was now becoming more complex and now there were 2 ways in which websites could operate. As mentioned before internet had started picking up massively. It was during mid to late nineties that a lot of companies started going online by creating their presence. There wasnt any proper local diary to search all the websites online.


During this period a lot of start ups started coming up specially in Bay Area california now known as the silicon valley. A lot of these companies were creating online presence with different business models, either offering to sell products online or creating a telephone directory like services. Creating local maps and many other business ideas were coming up. Internet had kicked off as the web browsers were making progresses, that was allowing more and more opportunities to create more functionalities than just creating forms using javascript. Browsers had started supporting databases which stored datas that users could access. Only 10 to 12 years back to access any databases using local networks was a very huge task. Now that allowed developers to create much more complex services online. At the same time email services were also growing which was closing the communication gap between people arcoss the globe.


During the late nineties when all of this was making good progress, everyone in the market was thinking that this was the next big thing. It was during this era that a lot of investment was going into a lot of internet companies as a lot of innovation was happening. This era is famously also known as the dot com bubble. We will talk about that a bit later in this chapter. Now going back to websites, as the more different types of technologies were getting supported by the web browsers that gave a very rapid growth to the business around the globe.

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