Agencies – Introduction

Continuing the above example, you only know that you want to advertise online but you have no idea how to do it and what all things are involved in this. Take a day to day example where in if any of you has ever tried advertising in newspaper you wouldn’t have gone to a newspaper directly but would have rather gone to an Agency which would publish ad on behalf of you in the newspaper. The agency would suggest you which newspaper would be best for your type of ad and budget.

Well same is the case here but the only difference been that you would approach an Online Agency who specializes in giving you whole Online Media Plan according to your budget, target audience and what is your objective of advertising which is also known as campaign objective. An Advertising campaign is something which gives you a clear picture of the time from when the ads are going to start getting delivered and till when with how much of budget it will be spending and also states the Media plan. We will get into details about what is Online Media plan later in this document. So you will then go and approach the Online Media agency with your budget and campaign Objective giving them all the information about target audience and what region are you targeting.


Now the interesting part is that it can be the other way around. Say for example you are an Online Ad agency you just can’t wait for business to come to you, there should be some initiative been taken from your side also to bring in potential clients. So in this scenario what the agency does it searches for potential customers whom they know has a good scope of marketing online their products. Then again the same process is started where in the agency in this case proposes a plan to them with the statistics of Online and how it is going to help them increase their market reach.

The roles of agencies have changed a lot since its inception in the world of advertising dating back to 60 years ago, especially in digital advertising. As the consumption of content is been changing for last 10 years as the technology has been evolving rapidly it the way agencies are acting also is changing. I will write more about this in the coming days.