Advertisers – Introduction

An advertiser is party that wants to advertise a product or service using different types of media. Examples of media include television, print, radio, outdoor billboards or online media. The advertising industry runs because of advertisers – it is the advertisers who allocate large sums of money to advertising their products and services any of the above media.

We are going to concentrate here only on online media since PubMatic is focused on this type of media. From time to time I may refer to offline media also since the basic concept is the same but the technology used is different. An Advertiser builds a unique relationship with his customers by advertising various features and the needs that he wants to advertise.

How does the whole process start? Well say you are owner of a company called “Company A” and you have introduced a product called “Branded Sports shoes” and would like to market your product since it’s new and no one is aware of this product. You then find that you are targeting youth since it’s a sports shoes with style and trendy looks, so you know that teens and adults from age 15 to 30 are only going to buy your products, sure you also have exceptions but majority of them. So this is known as your “Target audience”. You then discover after a bit of R&D that online is the best media to market the product. So you fix a budget say of 10 lakh rupees or say around $25000 USD$ budget. So in this case you become an Advertiser and since you are putting in some money in the market the whole process starts of advertising online.

Advertising is an integral part of our society and economy, if it wasnt advertising the awarness of any new business would become really hard which would also stagnant our growth. Since advertising introduces a lot of new products at times ones that we dont even need but would like to have. Since it promotes spend and the more money is spent in the economy the better it is for the growth of the economy which in thus increases the employment which again in return increases the spending power. I will talk more about how the role of advertisers is now changing compared to what it was when digital advertising started to what it is now. What are all the different platforms that are available for the advertisers and how best can they be utilized.

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