Ad Trafficking – Introduction

As we read in the introduction to ad operations, when the growth of ad servers started happening, there was a massive need to have special skill sets to work on the ad servers.

Now for ad server development you needed computer programmers to write the code and build the ad server including the behavior of the ad server in certain ways based on certain scenario called algorithms. So to work on ad servers it was very important that users using ad server understood how the websites operated and how the ad servers behaved. Knowing HTML,CSS and javsrcipt for this specific role will make the ad server user go long way and use the system in very innovate ways.

So in digital advertising users using adserver to serve ads are called ad traffickers and since they are uploading ads and tell the ad server when and how to serve ads, quiet similar to how the signals on a road junction controls the flow of traffic of the vehicles and people, running ads in an ad server is called usually ad trafficking and since as mentioned above people trafficking these ads are called ad traffickers.

As ad servers started becoming more and more complex the role started becoming pretty complex itself. Unfortunately ad trafficking is one of the most understated role in digital advertising as it doesnt directly generate any revenue through any sales, though saying that if anything is not trafficked properly it can have devastating effect on the revenue that was supposed to be generated.

I will write more about ad trafficking and ad servers and some special tips on how to be a good ad trafficker and what all things you would want to know when you are ad trafficking.

Ad trafficking is one of ways to enter the digital advertising world, there isnt any proper degree today in university teaching various paths of the ecosystem but this is one of the best ways to enter and learn the backend of digital advertising and then move towards other parts of advertising.

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